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"beauty's ultimate multitasker"


                                   Jessica Grey Ourisman, Beauty Editor

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"Hands down the most popular product I've EVER used on my talent!  We use TREES AND FLOWERS CALMING OIL on all of our lead cast on "CLARICE"-we use it on our on-set-trailers- and the cast have requested that the facial oil be used at their own personal residences! I use the product on my own skin every day-and now our crew members are buying it! Should come with a WARNING: Highly addictive!!! Thanks Trees And Flowers! P.S. Send 6 x more bottles ASAP!!!!

Craig-Ryan French "Clarice" Chief Make-up Artist


"I switched to Trees And Flowers and my skin transformed to an even tone, and softer...dare I say pretty?     Kay N, customer 


"I'm already obsessed with the oil after using last night, this morning and again just now.  It simplifies everything-cleanse and oil and done.  Don't need to do any of the many steps in my normal routine.  It's an all in one."                           Rachel A. customer

"I'm kind of on that clean beauty kick right now and I can't get enough of Trees And Flowers."             Jaimee, Unlocking Connecticut

"I'm completely addicted! 

I absolutely love using it and my skin has never looked better!"      Amy M. customer

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Trees And Flowers.  I feel like the most special person in the world every time I use them which is all the time!!"                Carolyn L. customer

 "I've had acne prone, huge pore, sensitive skin my whole life. I was a little afraid to put oil on my face....I LOVE IT! It's been a month and my skin is different!!"  

                                                       Susan G. customer          

"So, here's the problem I have with the Face Polish.  It smells like a yummy oatmeal citrus snickerdoodle and sometimes when I'm hungry, I want to eat it!

                                          Donna S. customer            

"Last weekend I had my makeup done by a makeup artist for my son's wedding who commented on how beautiful my skin was. (I'm 62 yo). I told her all about Trees and Flowers. I use Face Polish in the shower followed by the Calming Oil, Eye Roller and wonderfully scented body oil-the newest addition to my skin care routine."                                                                              Kim G. customer

"thank you so much for recommending the Trees and Flowers Calming Oil and Face Polish.  I have been using them for a week and have already seen progress in my skin. All of my acne has cleared and my pores have substantially decreased in size!! This product works wonders. Love it so much and I'm obsessed!!"   Zoey E. customer

"I had weird dry spots on my forehead and around my mouth.  The Face Polish fixed it!! I totally love it and am telling anyone who will listen about it."    Tara S. customer

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